Thursday, 24 March 2011

The Red One has gone.... For now

Alas my Red hair is no more. Ive had Red hair for probably the last 5 yrs long before Rhianna , Florence & Co. It was time for a change, there are far too many little wannabes mincing around Worky with red hair, therefore I have gone to the dark side (yet again) and am now a brunette. Only time will tell If I qualify to be a sophisticated one lol!
Been a busy day today Ive been out promoting Spring Fling 2011 so I think im now on first name terms with most of the staff in every school in Allerdale!

 Been to Asda and came away with cookie cutters from a new project im working on… stay tuned for that one. 

Im also having a go at shoe clips. Ive seen some pretty cool ones and thought they cant be that hard to make so tomorrows job is to create some cool ones for my night out on Saturday
Ive just become a member of Model Mayhem so if you would like to work with me please add me :O)

Oh and one other piece of AMAZING NEWS Rachels Wonders is now available on Wooooo!

With thanks to the gorgeous Gemma Stewart, Emma Southward, Keith Southward and MJS Photography for my ASOS shots :O) xx

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